In a time of global crises, the Justice Arts Coalition sought to continue connecting with artists working inside and around the carceral setting. With everything moving online, it offered a unique opportunity to expand our network of teaching artists, arts advocates, formerly incarcerated artists and allies to build community across time zones and locations. Meanwhile, our artists inside have faced a greater challenge now more than ever. We wanted to continue showcasing their work to the world - striving to provide a platform and community to help them foster connection with the outside world. 

All of the artists participating in this show have generously donated some or all of their profits to JAC as we seek to not only weather the storm, but continue to find innovative ways to amplify the voices of system-impacted artists.  

We did not ask our artists to adhere to a "curatorial theme" when submitting work, but instead sought to simply give a platform for the work to speak without the restrictions a theme might impose.


Thank you for being in community with us!