Sacrifice by Jody E. Borhani-D'Amico

Sacrifice by Jody E. Borhani-D'Amico

Size: 36" x 48"

Medium: Oil painting with acrylic, gravel, hair, sharpie.

By Jody E. Borhani-D'Amico


New to the area where I now live, I was hiking its outskirts and came across a decapitated deer beneath electrical wires. For months after, I could not get the image out of my head. I began talking about it with everyone I met. Eventually, I found out that the deer's body was adjacent to an unremediated Superfund site on what should be tribal land. It's the shame of NY / NJ and an instance of environmental racism that's under discussed in the NY-area artist communities.
I did not create this painting to raise awareness or make a political message, but rather bring about some catharsis with my personal feelings about both the deer and what I learned by trying to understand what I had seen.



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