Transmission by Jody Borhani-D'Amico

Transmission by Jody Borhani-D'Amico

Size: 53.5" x 37" x 6"

Medium: Shadowboxed oil painting with bark, bird and insect nests, corn, tulip and beech leaves, flowers, pinecones

By Jody Borhani-D'Amico


Two years ago Jody Borhani-D'Amico was driving home from work on the highway, when a deer ran across two lanes of traffic right into her car.  In that moment Borhani-D'Amico recalls that it was as if the deer was a "strange silent dancer". This painting is how she processed the horror of having destroyed a deer's life, of wondering what its family herd thought when their deer went missing.


**Please note: This is a large and very heavy piece (approx. 50lbs) so it will take longer to ship. The artist will be building a wooden crate for it to ensure it arrives safely. Additionally, the artist recommends this piece for someone is a larger space and notes it is not well-suited for a small apartment.**




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